If you’re looking for a real estate job in Lucknow, apply for a 1OAK job!

Work with industry experts and learn the tricks of the trade, which will ensure that you are counted among the best in the real estate industry, if you really have the passion for it. Get top of the line facilities and tools that will keep you working at your optimum best.

At 1OAK we believe that going that extra mile for our customers is just the beginning, and if you do too, we would like to hear from you.

Real Estate Job in Lucknow

Whether you are an industry expert, or still studying and looking for an internship, if you are as passionate about life as you are about real estate, a 1OAK job is waiting to help you Live More.

With the real estate industry in Lucknow going through a great period, this is the time to flourish and experience all the minute details of the business. Practice makes one perfect, and without a doubt, there’s a lot to practice as far as the booming Lucknow real estate market goes.

1OAK is where your dream to land the most desired real estate job in Lucknow comes true.

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Seasoned Professionals


1OAK is always looking for seasoned professionals who want a rewarding career within a dynamic international real estate firm.

If you have the integrity, passion and drive to be part of a team that is shaping the future of property development, Please click below to apply.

Internship Programme


1OAK offers 10 to 12 week summer internship programmes, developed to enable tomorrow's real estate professionals to cultivate their business skills.

If you are in your junior year of college, third year of university or first year of business school and wish to learn from the best, Please click below to apply.

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