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Luxury Apartments in Lucknow for a Boutique Living Experience

1OAK offers a boutique real estate experience with 3/4 BHK luxury apartments in Lucknow.

Providing premium living is in our DNA and we leave no stones unturned to accomplish that goal.

The occupants of our luxury properties experience not only the lifestyle of aspirational homes at exceptional value, but also, fulfilling environments and facilities that enrich their lives, making their dream of owning a luxury apartment in Lucknow a reality.

Luxury Villas in Lucknow That are a Class Apart.

The exclusivity of the 1OAK location ensures that you get the best of what Lucknow city has to offer.

The residential property of 3/4 BHK flats and luxury villas in Lucknow is built in harmony with nature.

The greenery will always give you those feelings and benefits of being surrounded by nature, along with peace of mind to soothe your soul. Tapered outdoors and 80% open sprawling green area have made this possible. The landscaping is unrealistically marvellous and it gives us great pleasure to occupy such an upscale location in the city of Nawabs.

Building 1OAKs Legacy

Our roots are as strong as our structures. Supported by Singapore-based Greenfield Advisory Pte. Ltd. our financial and investment expertise is underpinned by an extensive real estate experience across India, South-East Asia and Europe. This unique blend of expert financial advisory and boutique experience sets 1OAK apart as a one of a kind real estate firm. Now, providing luxury properties in Lucknow.

Creating Experiences Through Our Creations

All our creations are a balanced combination of a healthy environment, premium and secure living, modern infrastructure and facilities that create an out of the ordinary living experience. From first time buyers to established investors, 1OAK is the trusted partner that inspires and enables you to #LiveMore today.

To discover how 1OAK can empower you to Live More, visit the 1OAK location in Lucknow to have a one-on-one discussion and explore our real estate offerings.

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